BioMed Martin – developing innovative medical research and expertise in Slovakia

Article published in European Commission’s (DG REGIO) website (For European Service Network – ESN)

The EU-funded BioMed Martin project resulted in a cutting-edge research centre that develops new diagnostic and therapeutic methods while strengthening the cooperation between the city of Martin and Slovakia’s Žilina region.

The Martin Biomedical Centre in Martin consists of two interconnected buildings equipped with laboratory facilities, a modern interdisciplinary animal house, and an ITC technology platform.

The Biomedical Centre Martin in Martin consists of two interconnected buildings equipped with laboratory facilities, a modern interdisciplinary animal house, and a top-class information and communications technology platform. This modern facility aims to enrich existing departments with new approaches, technological processes and methodologies. The Centre also has common open access laboratories and promotes biomedical informatics.

The Research Centre is a multidisciplinary and contemporary building where a team of more than 60 scientists carry out their theoretical and clinical research on threats to human health. Their research focuses on challenges in biomedicine and biotechnology. It also includes studies of the causes of diseases or abnormal conditions and the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the field of neuroscience, oncology, molecular medicine and respirology.

Biomedical Centre Martin is the largest and most important project of the Jessenius faculty of Medicine in the city of Martin. Its construction has opened new opportunities for research, development and innovation in the field of health.”

Martina Antošová, head of the Department of European and National Projects

Developing scientific research

The centre represents a top quality European research centre and laboratory using the most modern methods in experiments and clinical practice in major research areas. These consist of methods of molecular diagnostics, including the whole genome sequencing, methods for proteomics and metabolomics, pharmacokinetics and toxicological analysis, as well as methods for the analysis of the autonomic nervous system or respiratory diseases in childhood and adults.

Running since December 2015, the centre counts on a unique infrastructure and high-quality research teams who are already ready to submit applications for several patents.

Enhancing economic growth and cooperation

As a result of the project, more than 60 jobs have been created for researchers and specialists. It is intended to create additional new positions addressed at young scientists, post-doctoral researchers and experts who are working abroad to encourage them to return and be part of the regional workforce.

The construction of the centre has also strengthened the cooperation between the city of Martin and the Žilina Region in several areas. These include the promotion of human resources, the improvement of the quality of life in the region, the enhancement of the competitiveness, as well as the cooperation between public administrations and the private sector. The centre has also brought science to the local people, who are actively involved in all the activities organised by the centre for the public.

The Biomedical Centre Martin has been built in line with the call of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic to build science and technology parks and research centres. It is also part of the strategic goals of the Slovak Republic and the European Union in the field of health.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Biomedical Centre Martin (BIOMED MARTIN)” is EUR 26 315 229, 63, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 22 367 945, 19 through the “Research and Development” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period.


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