London 2012 hosts world’s first sustainable Olympic Games

Newsbrief published in ICLEI’s website

2012_08_06_ICLEI in Europe News_London 2012 hosts world’s first sustainable Olympic Games_Copyright_London For Free
Image: London, UK. © London For Free.

ICLEI member Greater London Authority (United Kingdom) will hold the world’s first sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games from 27 July to 12 August 2012. Jointly with BioRegional and World Wildlife Fund, the city has created the initiative Towards a One Planet 2012 to help the International Olympic Committee achieve the first sustainable Games. Focused on the areas of venues, travel, food and waste, the 2012 Games will be guided by the principle that the world should live within its means.

The venues are designed to ensure that all athletes perform to the best of their ability whilst pushing the boundaries of sustainability knowledge and design. Temporary venues have been built in iconic places like Greenwich and Hyde Park, and the existing ones, such as Wimbledon or Excel, have been used where possible. New sustainable venues have been built including the Olympic Stadium and the Aquatics Centre. In terms of transport, the city has been developing the Active Travel programme, which aims to use the impact of the Games to encourage people to walk and cycle across the UK.

With its commitment to choice, diversity and affordable prices, London 2012 is setting new standards for catering at UK events. The food provided will be ethically and sustainably sourced, and to manage the extra waste, a new system created for the Games will ensure that no waste is sent to landfill during the event. London 2012 has focused on the areas directly related to anyone experiencing the Games for themselves or watching them on television. Since over four billion people will be watching the Games, it is expected to leave a positive legacy for the future far beyond the departure of the Olympic Flame.

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