Local Renewables 2012: Programme updates to bring key ideas on smart grids and solutions

Newsbrief published in ICLEI in Europe News, June 2012

This year´s edition of Local Renewables Conference, taking place from 25 – 26 October 2012 in ICLEI member Freiburg (Germany), will focus on exploring the role of smart grids and urban-regional inter-linkages. Those interested in attending the conference can register here. Participants and speakers will be invited to examine the importance and potential of smart grids, how they can support regional energy concepts, and discuss how to tackle pressing technical, financial and strategic challenges.

Two streams of parallel sessions will present several trailblazing projects including Smart City Kalundborg (Denmark), eTelligence in the Region Cuxhaven (Germany) and Modellregion Salzburg (Austria). During this two-day conference the examples offered by these cities and regions, as well as the knowledge of the attending speakers, will provide useful ideas in order to find solutions to enhance the urban-region cooperation.

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