Yorkshire nominated in World Travel Awards 2010

All pictures at this entry are copyrighted material from Jon Galbarriartu Photography

Tourism chiefs at ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ have been nominated in the World Travel Awards 2010 for the world’s leading tourist board and the best marketing campaign.

Rivals include tourist boards from Australia, India, Jamaica, Las Vegas, Cancun and New York. All of them will be represented at an award ceremony in London on 7 November 2010. Those interested can vote until 8 October.


If we talk about Yorkshire as a travel destination, Whitby is worth mentioning. This traditional maritime town situated at the mouth of the River Esk is set among fine stretches of coast with spectacular beaches and bays.

2010_10_04_Yorkshire nominated in World Travel Awards 2010_Whitby

Whitby Abbey is one of the main tourist destinations in the UK nowadays. The visitor centre, placed next to the abbey, displays follow three main periods in the history of Whitby Abbey and the headland, including archaeology, survey work and documents. Examples of carved Anglo-Saxon and medieval stonework are also included in the displays.

2010_10_04_Yorkshire nominated in World Travel Awards 2010_Whitby Abbey
Whitby Abbey

Having a unique old world charm, for centuries Whitby has provided a safe haven for shipping and fishing fleets and the town was once the main whaling port for the north of England. From the old town, 199 steps lead up to the parish church of St. Mary, whose churchyard on Whitby’s East Cliff gave Bram Stoker the inspiration to write his worldwide famous novel Dracula.

2010_10_04_Yorkshire nominated in World Travel Awards 2010_Parish Church of St. Mary
Parish Church of St. Mary

Whitby has produced its own famous sons. Captain James Cook, the 18th century explorer and voyager sailed in the ‘Bark Endeavour’ from Whitby during his scientific expedition in 1768. As a tourist attraction the town has a thriving holiday resort trade, bolstered by the replica of Captain Cook’s ship ‘Bark Endeavour’. Visitors can climb on board and choose one of the sailings around Whitby Harbour, or along the coast to Sandsend. Alternatively, they may decide to follow in the path of Cook himself and experience one of the seasonal trips between Whitby and Staithes.

2010_10_04_Yorkshire nominated in World Travel Awards 2010_Captain Cook’s ship Bark Endeavour
Captain Cook’s ship ‘Bark Endeavour’

Whitby has many pubs, tea shops, cafes and restaurants all with a charm of their own. However, it is most well-known for its famous and ancient fish and chips shops, starting with The Magpie Cafe on Pier Road, housed in a distinctive black and white building overlooking the harbour in the historic port of Whitby, the dining rooms command excellent views of the harbour, abbey and St. Mary’s church. Given its proximity of the fish market across the road, The Magpie specialises in fresh Whitby fish and shellfish.

2010_10_04_Yorkshire nominated in World Travel Awards 2010_The Magpie Cafe
The Magpie Cafe


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